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Terms & Conditions

The Bloom Box is a rental program to aid and assist with child development.  The following terms and conditions apply.

  1. Each Bloom Box is sanitized and reviewed following return to The Speech Mom. If you receive a Bloom Box that has not been sanitized, please contact us at immediately.  We want your experience with the Bloom Box to be full of good CLEAN fun!
  2. When a Bloom Box is returned home, it is immediately checked over for lost or damaged items.  At this time, you will be contacted with a list of lost or damaged items.  If you are able to locate it, huzzah!  Send it to us and we will smile and not charge you!  But if not, we will charge your card for the lost or damaged items.  Please see our "Oops" Price Sheet Here.
  3. If your Bloom Box is returned more than one week late, you will be charged a $20 fee.  You will be charged $20 for each following week for up to 8 weeks.  At that time you will be considered the proud owner!
  4. Bloom Boxes are often rented by teachers, therapists, and other professionals.  I encourage this and applaud your interest in your students and patients!  However, keeping a copy of the activity guide, and building your own Bloom Box to rent or share...well it is illegal.  So don't do it.
  5. Supervision is needed throughout the course of your time with the Bloom Box.  Although toys and activities are safe for the ages listed on each one, every so often a three year old decides to pop something not so great in his mouth.  Make sure to watch those little ones.  None of the items in the Bloom Boxes are safe for oral consumption.
  6. If you share pictures of your children playing with the Bloom Boxes on The Bloom and Learn Facebook or Instagram account...Thanks!  Please know these accounts are open to the public and can be seen by anyone.  

I look forward to playing with you!  During your month with the Bloom Box, you are welcome to email me with any questions or concerns!  Now, get playing!