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About Us
"It’s hard to find toys that inspire your child’s development! And after all the thought and money is put into that perfect toy, it is pushed to the bottom of the toy box in a month or two. The Bloom Box is here to solve all of your problems! A box full of toys and activities to enhance language, social, fine motor, sensory and cognitive development...and an easy to read activity guide to help you make it happen!

The Idea

It all started when a pediatric speech and language pathologist became a mom.  That mom  was on a constant hunt for a toy that inspired all areas of child development.  She ended up with too many toys in her house that her kids loved and payed with...for a month, and then kicked them to the curb. The idea seed was planted, and the box bloomed.


Care & Quality

The items in the box are toys, and they are meant to be played with....not put on a shelf to look at.  We appreciate you taking care of the items while they are with you, but make sure you are letting your little one experience them!

The Speech Mom

The Speech Mom, LLC is dedicated to providing educational services to families and child care professionals. For more information on The Speech Mom please visit